Is there any time limit after injury for regaining function?

-We promote fitness for health and increasing activities of daily living.  Every spinal cord injury and form of paralysis is unique to each individual as well as regaining function is unique to each individual.  If you move you will gain more movement,  if you don't move you will move less regardless of duration of  time post injury.

What are some keys to improvement?

-We believe that improvement with spinal cord injuries and paralysis start with a mind set of determination, consistency, perseverance to move forward, a positive outlook, and the commitment to taking new STRIDES.

Do you take insurance?

-No, we do not work with or take insurance. We offer a per session (1 hour) rate, and package options. We encourage clients to reach out to foundations that fund and assist training for those with a spinal cord injury and paralysis. Here's a couple:


What medical records or release forms do I need in order to start training?

-We encourage each client to share their most recent bone density scan and a medical release from their doctor. We require a signed liability form. 

Does my care giver need to be present at my sessions?

-Yes. We are not care givers. We feel that it is valuable and beneficial to our clients to have their care giver present during their session to meet any care giving needs.

Black, cream or sugar?

-Jason, sweetened creamer. Laurie, 1/2 & 1/2 and coconut sugar. Josh hates coffee!

Is this training safe?

YES! We have an impeccable safety record. In over 4 years of work with SCI we have never had an incidence of injury. We specialize in adapting equipment to meet the needs of each individual. Our high value of safety is based on risk-benefit factor. If the risk out weighs the benefit we won't do it.

Can I use your equipment outside of my scheduled session and is there a fee for that?

-Yes, we encourage you to use our equipment outside of your scheduled session as long as another client is not using it. There is no fee.

How much experience do the trainers have that will be working directly with me?

Check out Our Story for specific qualifications. Currently each trainer has over 20,000 hours of training experience with able body clients and spinal cord injury and paralysis.

What is my commitment? 

We don't require a commitment contract. We offer services at a per session fee, or sessions in a larger quantity can be purchased through our offered package options. We believe your level of commitment is determined by you. Determination and consistency are some of the keys to improvement. We are honored to support and join with you, in your journey to regaining function and achieving the goals you are committed to. We believe the more you move your body, the more your body can and will move!

If you need help with a transfer once you reach our facility, one of our trainers will be happy to assist you!

If you have more questions or would like to discuss getting started on your own program feel free to give us a call, email, or stop in and see us. We look forward to meeting you and assisting you in your next BIG STRIDE forward.